Jamie My name is Jamie and usually I blog at JamieLeighTO.com. I’m a life-loving, social media enthusing, girl about town. But you can read all about that on the other site.

This blog is all about my adventures in eating gluten-free. Call me crazy; it might be all of the vegetables talking but I feel really great and wanted to tell you all about my gluten-free gluttony. While my friends and family think eliminating gluten means eliminating anything worth eating, I’m here to show them (and all of you!) that there can still be gluttony in gluten-free eating – it’s just healthier (and feels better).

So what can you expect?

  • My personal journey in eating gluten-free including challenges, successes, my thoughts, and how I’m feeling
  • New recipes
  • Favourite new gluten-free snacks
  • Adventures in dining out, travel, and more
  • Guest posts from nutritionists, celiacs, and others?
  • What not to eat
  • Maybe some blogs? We’ll see…
  • And some good old fashioned FOOD PRON (gluten-free, of course)


– I’m not a nutritionist! This blog is about my personal experiences in attempting to eliminate gluten from my diet and should not be taken as sound medical advice. My medical advice is to seek medical advice before you mess with your body! Take care of yourselves, okay? 

– As a blogger in Toronto, sometimes I receive products to sample or invitations to media or press events. I’ll let you know if I’m receiving any compensation for a post, whether it be in gluten-free goodies or other kinds of payment. Regardless of whether or not a post is sponsored you can rest assured that all opinions, snarky remarks, and cheesy sense of humour are all my own! 

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