Eating Gluten-Free: Snacks on the Go

Yesterday, my mom and I met up for some shopping and quality time together. We were looking for a high-value item for my home so we had about 6 different furniture stores on our list. The challenge to find furniture was also on a timeline: we were meeting my dad and brothers for dinner and couldn’t be late (something we do well, especially when we’re together)! When our shopping was slowed by hunger in mid-afternoon we both realized we would need fuel before we could continue.

Normally we would grab something fast in a food court or drive thru to continue with our shopping, but with me eating gluten-free and my mom eating carb-free, snacking on the go presented a bit of a challenge. Granola bars generally aren’t gluten-free and a bag of chips certainly aren’t carb-free.

Gluten-Free snacking tips

The solution? One of our stops was a Walmart that also had a small grocery section. We grabbed some of our favourite snacks that pack some serious vitamins and energy and munched on them in the car on our way to the next store. When we found exactly what we were looking for we used all of our extra energy to haul our heavy purchase to the truck. Our quick snack on the go meant we arrived on time for dinner and were ready to eat with the entire family!

What are your favourite gluten-free snacks on the go?

Eating Gluten-Free: In An Airport

A few weeks ago I flew out to San Francisco for a whirlwind of a work trip. This was my first trip since I’ve started eating gluten-free and I was a bit worried about how I was going to make gluten-free choices in an office with catered lunches, eating on the go, and daily dinner with coworkers where I had no input on restaurant choice.

The first challenge presented itself in the first hour of my trip: breakfast at the airport.
While I would have loved to grab a breakfast sandwich, a bagel, or a delicious pastry from any of the vendors and restaurants at Pearson, I was determined to find a gluten-free option.

Starbucks Airport Gluten-Free breakfast

While I was taking care of priority #1 at Starbucks, I also grabbed a parfait (granola isn’t gluten-free but Starbucks offers ones with the granola in a separate compartment that I promptly threw away to avoid temptation) and then I grabbed a banana at a sandwich stand near my gate. While the price tag was a bit ridiculous ringing in at $15 in total, it was a small price to pay for a small gluten-free victory while traveling.

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Gluten-Free Gluttony with Dishcrawl on St. Clair West

Just over a year ago I went on a Dishcrawl along King Street West in Toronto. Toronto has such a great food and restaurant culture and it was great to share the experience with a group of new friends! But anyone who is eating gluten-free knows that eating out can be a trying experience. Considering banned foods can include soups, salad dressings, french fries and gravy, sometimes finding something edible can become quite the challenge.

You can only imagine my excitement when I saw that Dishcrawl was hosting a gluten-free crawl in the St. Clair West neighbourhood:

Gluten-Free Dishcrawl Restaurants Toronto

This Dishcrawl will feature gluten-free dishes from 4 different restaurants in the St. Clair West neighbourhood of Toronto on March 6, 2013. Have questions for the chefs or owners? They’ll be there to chat with Dishcrawlers and talk about how they incorporate gluten-free offerings into their menus.

Not only is this perfect for those who have chosen to eat gluten-free, but also for people curious about the types of food that us gluten-haters can eat. I’m sure it could inspire some great dishes for my own kitchen, too!

Care to indulge in a night of true Gluten-Free Gluttony?
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